About Us

Guru Nanak Vidyak Society’s Law College is the First Sikh Minority College in Maharashtra along with many educational institutions in the campus established by Guru Nanak Vidyak Society Sanstha.  Guru Nanak Vidyak Society’s Law College name stands for the principles of purity, truth, charity and peace hence is popularly known as GNVS. Established in 2023-24, the College imparts quality legal education to the students in GTB Nagar and its vicinity. The College is affiliated to University of Mumbai; approved by the Bar Council of India and recognized by the Government of Maharashtra. The aim of the Society in establishing this institution is to cater to the educational needs of the residents in the vicinity in particular and in the city of Mumbai in general. The Institution also aims at providing the students with an opportunity to develop an integrated personality, to foster a spirit of free thinking and above all, to inculcate love for humanity and truthful living. These indeed were the true teachings of Guru Nanak Devji. The college provides its students with a friendly and supportive educational environment, high teaching standards, excellent facilities, and support services to enrich the learning process and to boost their self-confidence so that they can courageously face the challenges in the evolving global environment.


The college is situated very close to G.T.B. Nagar, Sion and King’s Circle Railway Stations.


The college is permanently affiliated to the University of Mumbai and has received UGC recognition under 2(f) and 12(b)

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